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Rip my brain out and leave my skull empty.
I'll take this death as a blessing,
as it stops my thoughts
that rush by like a roaring creak.

No more will voices scream at me,
telling me what to do.

No one fucking wants you, you stupid bitch.
Stop eating; you're fatter than a whale.
They're lying to you, you aren't beautiful
He doesn't love you.
You're pathetic. A whiny little dyke
that should go jump off a bridge.
Slit your wrists and bleed to death.
Everyone will be so much happier with you gone.
We don't want you here.
Go die, you whore.

No more will these memories replay
over and over;
torturing me and breaking my heart again.

A resounding slap echoes throughout the apartment
as I close my eyes tightly and grit my teeth
to try and block out the sting of a disappointed parent.
I refuse to open them and see that face
full of rage and regret
of ever creating this disgusting creature they now call their child.
I clench my fists, trembling lightly from the restraint
it takes for me to hold back my tears and cry of pain.

Please. I can't take this anymore.
I need silence; I need peace;
I need these voices to shut up.
So do me a favor and break my skull,
and rip my brain out leaving me lifeless.
It's truly a blessing in disguise.
the format of this poem is constantly changing and im sorry about that. it wasn't written to be a proper poem but something to get out a few feelings. it is quite horrific..
im sorry im so crappy at writing..
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brOKen-Mayhem17 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Sometimes how I feel.............
Great work ;)
A-and-S-Studios Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
I wan't all of the people who ever told you to go die, to go die themselfs. They have no right. You are beautiful, don't let them tell you otherwise.
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ChristiansChokehold Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. This is deep. :hug:
unstabbleheart Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
just how i feel a lot of the time.
thank you
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